Amaze Away Permanent Marker Eraser Review

Amaze Away Permanent Marker Eraser Review

Amaze Away is a non-toxic product that removes/erases permanent marker off of many surfaces such as storage containers, mason jars, plastics and much more. If you are tired of buying sticky labels for left-over containers, do a lot of canning but tired of removing sticky labels and misplacing your drink at a party than Amaze Away is perfect for you.

This product comes with 2 small vials of liquid that you can spray directly on the surface or on a paper towel and wipe off. Each vial seems to last about 20-30 sprays which most surfaces will take 2 sprays, with some surfaces may take more elbow grease and a bit more product to remove. I found that Amaze Away works best on smooth nonporous surfaces.

Does Amaze Away really work?

Amaze Away is a great product and does make labeling of storage containers, leftover containers, and canning jars easier. Although some surfaces did not work as well as intended, Amaze Away can be a very useful tool in your home. In the video, I used an Industrial size marker which may have been the reason some materials did not work well. I found when I used a regular sharpie permanent marker it worked as intended.

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