Charmed Aroma Peach/Mango Bath Bomb Review

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Charmed Aroma Bath Bomb RingCharmed Aroma Peach/Mango Bath Bomb Review

Yes, It is time for another review, This time I chose a Charmed Aroma Peach/Mango Bath Bomb. In the past, I reviewed a Charmed Aroma Candle. I was pleased with the candle itself although I was not pleased that I revealed a ring that was far too big. I needed to do some fancy sizing techniques to be able to wear it from time to time. They now have 3  selected Candles in which you can choose a ring size of 5-10.

The Company

Charmed Aroma is a relatively new company which has only 3 Bath bombs to choose from at this time. STERLING BATH BOMBS – CHAMPAGNE SHIMMERSTERLING BATH BOMBS – PEACH & MANGO and STERLING BATH BOMBS – VERY BERRY. I originally planned on ordering the Champagne Shimmer as I could picture myself with a glass of champagne in the tub with shimmering bubbles. I kinda wish that bath bombs did bubble. Wonder if there are any out there. Let me know if you know of any? As I put in my order I noticed they were sold out of that bomb. My next choice was the peach/mango.So I went ahead and ordered. I was a bit disappointed as it never left the warehouse for 5 days and waited for another 5 to receive it. By that time I had noticed they had my bomb in stock now. Oh Well!

Average estimated time of delivery is around 2 weeks. 5-7 processing and the remaining time on the route.Charmed Aroma Bath Bomb


Reveal Day

Poured my bath with nice hot water. Unwrapped the bath bomb and dropped it into the water. It began to fizz and release the peach/mango scent with the tub filling with a nice orange color which lasted 4-5 minutes. After my bath, my skin felt soft and smooth.dec-1-2016-007

Upon opening the little purple plastic capsule I was presented with a piece of folded tin foil which contained a zip lock baggy, where the ring with a code attached was tucked safely inside.

The ring was beautiful and to my surprise was not too bad of a fit as first thought. Pleasantly surprised that I can wear it, cautiously for sure due to its value.

Appraisal Value

To find the value of your ring you must go to the Charmed Aroma home page. There you can go to category Ring Appraisal and enter the code that was attached to the ring. Submit and there you will be given the value. My ring has an appraisal value of $200. Not too shabby considering the bomb was retailed at $16.99 + shipping +taxes = $27.24.


The Ingredients:

Sodium bicarbonate- A natural mineral. It is a component of the mineral natron and is found dissolved in many mineral springs.

Citric acid –  It occurs naturally in citrus fruits

Sea salt–  Is salt produced from the evaporation of seawater. Many benefits such as promote relaxation, reduced stress, enhanced circulation, detoxification, inflammation,

Kaolin–  Kaolinite  is a clay mineral, Helps in healing of the skin conditions, inflammation as well as helps in eliminating toxins and oil from the skin. Result smooth, soft skin.

Zea Mays – Derived from the silky hair of corn it contains Allantoin along with Vitamins C and K that promote healthy skin.

(Corn) Starch, Parfum, CI 17200, CI 19140, CI 42090, CI 15510 feel


I was very pleased with the bath bomb and the ring. Price is reasonable. I definitely would order again.:)

Charmed Aroma is growing every day with new products and now have ring size available.





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