Homemade Herbal Remedy Tea May Prevent Cold/Flu And Other Amazing Health Benefits

Are you Sick of being Sick and Tired?  This homemade herbal tea remedy may help prevent colds/flu as well as so many other health-related issues as it’s packed with amazing health benefits. It’s all about a Health Strong Immune System and these herbs all have this quality. Experimenting with teas is really enjoyable as I love the health benefits that a good healthy cup of tea can have. There are so many health benefits to certain natural Traditional Chinese Medicinal herbs and throwing them together just give a power packed tea. This tea is good cold or hot and I like to add 1 cup to a smoothie.

Ingredients and their Benefits

  • Chaga Mushrooms.  (3-4 chunks)

Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Detoxifier, Immune boosting, May prevent certain Cancers, Diabetes, and Blood clots. Improve Stress levels, IB, and physical endurance. Anti-Viral. Protects against oxidation and free radicals. It contains Melanin which can help shield UV rays. ( I know this works because I never experienced any sunburn last year while using only a sunblock of 8 and received a nice healthy tan all summer)

  • Reishi Mushrooms.  (4-5 Slices)

Detoxifier, Increased Energy, Improve Heart health, Diabetes. Immune buster, Anti-Inflammatory, Increase mood and Brain health, Regenerates liver.

  • Eurcommia Bark  (3-4 pieces)

Invigorates Kidney and Liver, Anti-Inflammatory, Osteoporosis and helps to nourish weak Tendons or Brittle Bones.  Infantile Paralysis, Regulates Blood Pressure, Athletic Performance, Energy, Fatigue, and Flexibility. Strengthens lower lumbar spine region. Type 11 Diabetes. Increase metabolism and delay the aging process.

  • Ginseng  (5-7 slices) (Optional)

Increased Immune systems, Diabetes, Anti-Inflammatory. Prevents Cold/Flu as well as Cancer prevention. Increase Energy, Brain Function. Calms Anxiety and Depression. Increase Fertility and Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Rooibos  (5 tsp)

Rich in minerals and rare Nutrients. Reduces Heart, Cancer-related issues. Anti-Inflammatory, Bone health. Diabetes, and Improves skin conditions such as Excema, Acne and Sunburn, and Anti-Aging benefits. Insomnia, Circulation, and Intestinal and Allergy related issues. Weight-loss properties. Helps with Sleep.

  • Taheebo  (5 tsp)

Immune Boosting qualities. Inflammation. Improves Chronic diseases like Lupus, Psoriasis, and Parkinson’s.Purifies Blood, Cancer prevention, and Digestive issues.

  • Turmeric  (1″ slice)

Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant and Boosts Immunity. Heals Skin related issues such as Acne, Scarring, Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Psoriasis, and Eczema. Improves Brain Function, Prevents Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. Anti-Aging, Liver Detox, and a natural Pain Reliever. Aids in Weight-Loss and Increases Metabolism.

  •  Goji Berry  (5 tsp)

Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant. High in Vita C which prevents Cold/Flu. Immune Builder. Prevents and Improves Diabetes, Heart Health. Athletic Performance, Energy, and a Weight-Loss aid. Fights Cancer, Promotes Healthy Skin, Anti-Aging, and Eye health. Detox, Stabilizes Mood and Blood Sugar.Fertility.

  • Rosehips  (5 tsp)

High in Vita C to fight Cold/Flu and Boosts Immunity.Anti-Inflammation, Anti-Oxidant properties.  Great Astringent for Skin to Heal Acne, Improve Skin Health and aging process. Prevent cancer and Treat other Chronic Diseases like Heart, Diabetes, and Arthritis. Also acts as a Diuretic and Laxative.

  • Ginger  (1″ slice )

Reduces Muscle Pain and Inflammation. Improves Digestion and Nausea. Improves Heart Disease and Diabetes. Lower Cholesterol and Prevent cancer. Improve Brain health and has an Anti-Bacterial agent.

  • Cinnamon  (2 sticks)

High source of Anti-Oxidants, Anti-Inflammatory properties. Fights Infections and Virus. Protects and Prevents Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer. Skin health and Allergies.

  •  Water  ( 12 Cups, bottled/spring water)

Each herb can be found on Google to learn more about the health issues at hand.

How to make tea

Bring water to a boil, reduce heat to low and let stand 10 min. Add all ingredients listed and simmer low for 5-6 hours with lid. Turn off heat and let cool. Strain through a sifter into a jug. Keep in fridge for up to 5-7 days. Drink 1 to 2 cups per day.

Drink Hot heated on the stove. (Do not bring to a boil or microwave as it destroys beneficial enzymes.) Drink cold as an iced tea with some natural sweetener, Organic raw honey, Stevia/Truvia, Agave Nectar, or Maple syrup  Enjoy!!




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