JewelScent Espresso Gelato Jewelry Candle Review

JewelScent Candle Review

JewelScent is a US Company founded in 2015. Their mission is to spread LOVE, For love in creating captivating affordable costume jewelry that anyone would love. Having customers fall in love with the scents they craft and sharing them with love to all.

The Wax

The wax used is a soy blend because they feel that a 100% soy will not give you a perfect burning candle as well as holds fragrance well. True enough as this candle burns even and consistent and the scent is delightfully powerful.

True enough as this candle burns even and consistent and the scent is delightfully powerful.

The Wick

The wick is a flat braid with a special filament paper woven around each wick.

Remember to trim your wick down to 1/4 ” each time or you will get a black line of smoke from these candles. This is often normal for wicks not trimmed although it did seem more prevalent in JewelScent.

The Oil

The oils used are carefully chosen fragrances which comply with the strictest global RIFM and IFRA standards.

The Gift

Their gift to the customer is a ring valued from $15-$7,500 with the thought that a flame along with a ring evokes passion and eternity. The jewelry is quality brands found in local stores and manufacturers. Sizes from 5-10.

First-time orders will receive a 10% discount when using code HANDMADE at checkout

JewelScent has an array of products from Candles, Tarts, Beads, Bath bombs, and Bath and Body products.

Collection Candles

These consist of 5 varieties to choose from.

Classic Collection– This 16 oz candle comes in a beautiful 22oz jar with lid with a ring value of $20-$7,500. Price Reg $24.99 on sale now for $19.99. 16 fragrances to choose from.

Signature Collection– A 10 oz candle in a 13.5oz glass jar, containing a ring valued from $20-$7,500. Price Reg $19.19 On sale now for $12.95. 24 fragrance to choose from.

Essentials Collection– Same size as the Signature candle but without a ring. 12 lavish aromas this candle enhances your home decor and ambiance. Price Reg $16.99 On sale now for $13.59. 12 fragrances available.

Luxe Collection- Limited edition with a ring value from $40-$7,500. Has a 22 oz glass jar. Price Reg $44.99 on sale $35.99. 8 fragrances to choose.

Trio Collection-Limited edition as well with ring value of $20- $7,500 but contains 3 rings. 23 oz candle in a 29oz round jar. Price $74.99 on sale now for $59.99. Only 2 fragrances available.

My Review  jewelscent candle review

I chose the Signature collection candle with the fragrance Espresso Gelato. Upon opening the box I was delightfully presented with a sweet and bold scent of fresh coffee bean and liquor, accents of buttery cream and vanilla. Filled the room instantly with a wonderful aroma and even more when lit. I knew I had a winner when my son and friend walked in and made a comment that the house smelled sooo good, throwing guesses as to what kind of coffee it was. Not to mention my husband also commented as well as said it was a welcome scent in the morning as he went off to work.

It only took a few short hours of burning before I noticed the foil behind the label. This is a welcome sight for people who have no patience in waiting.

The reveal

The best way I find to retrieve the foil pouch is with tweezers.Make sure the wax has burned down far enough and that the was is hot for this will make it a lot easier and in keeping the candle from getting destroyed in the process. Wipe the foil with a paper towel and open pouch. Scissors may be needed to cut top as the plastic zip-lock bag can be slippery.  My pouch revealed a blue sapphire type stone ring with tiny diamonds surrounding.

The ring was beautiful although I am not particularly fond of colored stones.


Not familiar with JewelScent I wasn’t sure how the appraisals worked, gathering that the ring had a code which meant you must check it on the website. Upon entering the code the value showed that the ring was only $20. A bit disappointed but realizing that their appraisals may be truer to the truth than other companies of higher value. Don’t quote me, it is just a

jewelscent candle review

jewelscent ring reveal

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