How to make Lucky Horse Shoes


Add some luck to any occasion.


How to make Lucky Horse Shoes:

These horseshoes make great gifts for any occasion whether it be for a baby shower, wedding, graduation, birthday or just a unique gift for a friend in their personal style. Horseshoes turned upright are said to bring good luck to a home. Turned down could mean your luck will run out.  Let’s get started and add some luck and beauty to someone’s life.


  • Horseshoes  (old or new, old one will have to be cleaned well and nails removed)
  • Glue gun
  • Spray paint
  • Acrylic paint and brushes
  • Plastic flowers of your choice
  • Wooden shapes
  • Themed Stickers
  • Leather strips
  • Wire cutters

Once you decide on a theme it’s time to get creative.

Step 1

Spray the horseshoe with the desired color and let dry. You can buy horseshoes at many horse equipment stores.

Step 2

Cut leather strip to 38cm (15″) length. Pull through the top holes of the horseshoe and tie each end with a knot. Cut off remaining ends.

Step 3

Pick a wooden shape for the center of your shoe. Paint to the desired color and let dry. Remove a sticker from package and center it in the wood piece. Use the glue gun and run a bead to the center of the shoe and place the wood shape to it. Hold until set and release.

Step 4

Decide which flowers or other decorative pieces you will use for design. If flowers use wire cutters to the desired size. Apply them to the side and behind the wood tag and wherever you see fit. This is where your creative genius comes out. Placing is up to you. Be sure to use a good dab of glue to keep all pieces in place.

That’s it. How does it look? Practice makes perfect and soon you will want to make more and more getting more creative as you go. GOOD LUCK!

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