JewelScent Pom Pom Ginger Bath Bomb Review

About JewelScent bath bombs

JewelScent bath bombs are rejuvenating or relaxing depending on which bomb you choose. With 19 bath bombs available all are enriched with avocado and almond oils. In this review, we will discuss the JewelScent Pom Pom Ginger Bath Bomb that I purchased. The Pom Pom Ginger has subtle scents of agrumen (citrus green herbal), ginger, and pomegranate with the floral essence of jasmine and orange blossom. Base notes of white musk and touches of bergamot and muguet ( French for Lily of the Valley) give sweet warmth to this fruity scent. I must say my skin throughout the bath and after stayed soft and felt there was no need for extra moisture.

Bath time

A bath just doesn’t seem the same anymore without a bath bomb bubbling away around me. Both Bombs have become a great way to enjoy bath time. The jewel hidden inside these bombs make it for a fun exciting experience. So many bombs to choose from out there but no one seems to be the same. I have had the pleasure to experience many and all really have their own uniqueness to them. Some may have just basic ingredients while some add a few more essentials to give your skin some added benefits. See my top 4 picks here at

JewelScent Review
Bath bomb reveal

What did I love most

What I love most about this bath bomb were the size and the feel of my skin in and out of the bath.  May companies hide their jewels in a plastic ball which takes up much of the bomb. The fizzy fun was long lasting right down to the foil wrapped treasure.


Range from $11.99- $14.99. Often you will find sales posted. You may find some as low as $8.95. Pom Pom Ginger was Reg $14.99 on sale for $11.99.

Ring value from $15 – $7,500.


Once I revealed the ring with a code attached I logged in to the website. To find the appraisal value you scroll down to the bottom under resources to appraisal. Click and add your code.  The value of my ring was $15.  A bit disappointed although the ring was beautiful and unique and still out weighed the price of the bomb. If or when my time will come when I get the BIG priced ring, it’s important to remain grateful and enjoy the experience of these gifts that are fun and enjoyable.

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