Jewelry Jar Candle and Bath Bomb Review

I am so pleased to be doing this review. Loving candles with jewelry allow me to test out many companies from the US to Canada. Jewelry Jar Candle and Bath Bombs caught my attention on Facebook. What got my attentions was the Bath Bombs for kids. I believe they are the only company in Canada to have them as well as Bath Bombs for Men. I bought 4 candles and was given the child Bath Bomb as a gift from JJC. 3 were bought for friends who wanted to experience jewelry candles but not able to order for themselves.

Jewelry Jar Candle and Bath Bomb Review

The Company

Jewelry Jar Candles is Canadian based, A small new company who prides themselves on great customer service. When you contact them you get them, No middle man. Once the order is placed they go ahead and hand pour the candles and randomly place rings in each.

*The Jewelry is made of either White Gold plated, Rhodium or 925 Sterling Silver which is the majority of the pieces. It is possible to reveal jewelry valued up to $5,000.

*Sizes are from 5-13.

*Handmade in Canada using 100% all natural Soybean Wax for a clean long lasting burn.

*Non-Toxic Fragrant oils

*Braided double cotton wicks.


9 Ring candles for Women. Price $27.99

8 Necklace candles for Women Price $26.99

5 Bracelet mandle candles for Men, Featuring Blue Steel and Havana scent, especially for men. Price $24.99

5 Ring mandles for Men. Price $26.99

4 Bath Bombs for kid’s Boy/girl. Scents that children will love. All rings are age and gender appropriate with costume
/toy rings. Price $6.99

5 Luxurious Bath Bombs for Adults. Featuring scents other than candle scents. Price $15.99

5 Bath Bombs for Men with interchangeable  sports snaps” for the bracelet found in the Candles for men. Price $8.99

Also available are Bath Bomb gift sets for women.

My personal review on the products

I received my package via Canada Post within a reasonable time, considering it is all handmade to order.(approx 7 days). Upon opening the box I was delighted by the magnificent aromas.

The ring candle scents were Dreamsicle, Apricot & Honey, Pink Sugar and Apple Jack. The Kids Bath Bomb was Pink Sugar for a girl 6 yrs. All the scents were wonderful but I think my favorite was Dreamsicle. Reminded me of my childhood favorite Creamsicles to a T.

Dreamsicle Candle

My neighbor chose this one which she was just as impressed. Within about 4-5 hours she noticed the foil peaking through and she had then had to dig it out immediately as curiosity arose within.

Dreamsicle valued at $150

She revealed a heart shaped blue stone that was valued at $125.

Pink Sugar Candle

This candle had a subtle scent but was none the less appealing. My friend was delighted by the scent and the Candle after she was fortunate enough to reveal a $350 ring.

Pink Sugar ring valued at $350

Pink Sugar Bath Bomb for kid’s

Bath Bomb Bling for kids

A friend of mine’s daughter was excited to experience a bath bomb. She was told there was a surprise hidden inside which to her became a magical bath bomb. lol  Discovered inside was a ring that was like a tiara. Her words were” it is for a princess just like me”.

Apple Jack Candle

My Apple Jack Candle had a magnificent aroma which filled my home with the scent of hot apple cider/pie. It took a few more hours of burn time before lucky to see the foil appear. Once found I revealed a $120 ring.

Apple Jack Candle reveal $120 Ring


I was very very pleased with these products. I can honestly say, One of “the” best I have discovered sold in Canada.

JJC ships internationally so I highly recommend my neighboring countries to give them a shot. The prices are beyond reasonable and the array of products is astounding for a new company. Having products for men and children is phenomenal that there is something for everyone.

Be it a new company the logos are plain but I am sure in time they will be replaced although a great way to keep costs down. The wax burn was different than most although it was consistent and did not tunnel. The wicks are thicker than some which left mushroom type tops that when extinguished did produce a bit more smoke than I normally would prefer. I recommend trimming the wicks for each burn. Overall, a very pleasing experience and will definitely reorder. I want to try the Bath Bombs for myself.


Since this review, I have order more candles for friends and family and everyone has been totally satisfied. I must say that the customer service is impeccable. I have made a few mistakes on my orders and I message  Stephanie Bechard at JJC or JJC and have rectified my issues immediately. Alway a Thank You for my order. It may take a bit longer than some companies as they are made t order but well worth the wait.

First-time customers receive 10% off their JJC order or have a chance to spin the wheel for great prizes.

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