Unrivaled Candles Review

Who are Unrivaled Candles?

Unrivaled Candles is a family owned and operated business based in Pasadena Texas, and carry a unique highly fragrant hand-poured collection of familiar and exotic fragrances

You will find that the wicks are lead-free, dedicated as well as have smoke-free qualities when the wick is handled correctly with proper maintenance using proper wick trimming techniques.

A percentage of every item sold goes toward the Unrivaled Fund dedicated to supporting, educating orphans, abandoned or children in need. This fund helps build the Unrivaled Academy which also offers exemplary education, safe and loving living environments and life skills education.

There are 3 aroma collections-

  1. Everyday -includes 17 scents to choose from such as Coffee Break, Country Cabin, Creme Brulee to name a few.
  2. Seasonal -has 7 scents such as Egg Nog, Swiss Cocoa to pick from.
  3. Mens -with 3 great masculine scents like Black Tie, Gentleman, and Hunter.

Unrivaled  Jewelry Candles come in 2 sizes, an 8 oz that will have a burn time of 40-45 hrs and a 14 oz of 70-75 hrs burn time.

Each candle contains either ring, earrings, and necklaces valued from $10 – $10,000. Unfortunately, one can not pick the size of a ring at this time. To get them to fit so I can wear them I will be using this trusted technique of at home fixes.

Also available are a variety of pots, 2 oz sample candles without jewels and a few accessories. A separate website but still Unrivaled candles are  Passport Candles scented, high end, location themed candles made with exotic and rare oils. Travel around the world to Old Quebec, Marrakech, Shanghai, etc with our Signature Collection. Experience Tortola, South Padre, Barbados, and etc with our Island Collection. Enjoy emotions, states of mind, and personalities with fragrances such as Passion, Serenity, and Sassy with our Sentiments Collection.


My Experience

Upon delivery, I found well-packaged products that arrived in a very timely manner via UPS. My package included an 8 oz, a 14 oz candle as well as 4 2 oz sample candles to try out. Each candle was wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in its own box with scent label easy to find. Very reasonably priced.

The products had a beautiful presentation with a nice label and clean well-poured wax. The scents were highly fragrant in which one of the most fragrant candles I have had the pleasure to review.

Date Night 8 oz $19.50

The romantic scents of red wine and a beautiful bouquet of roses. Set the mood for a romantic Date Night. Although I found the scent quite lovely my husband, on the other hand, found it a bit overpowering. If you love highly fragrant aromas these products will do the job. My whole home was filled with the aromas.

Half way through the burn the foil pouch was ready to be easily grabbed by a set of tweezers. I find this a quick clean way without messing up the remaining candle.

The pouch was tightly double wrapped, which is nice that they take great care in protecting the jewels it did make it a bit more of a challenge unwrapping it. I guess you could say it adds to the excitement. Inside the foil is the plastic baggy containing the jewel with a little purple piece of paper that tells the value. If it is a ring a tag attached with ring size. ( Ring sizing not available)

I revealed a multi-colored stone with tiny Cubic Zirconia chips placed on each side. The ring was very pretty and changed colors as the light hit it. The value of this ring was $19.00. I must say, it presented its self to be worth more.

Orange Vanilla 14 oz $27.50

This candle was fabulous. The scent was very appealing. The smell of freshly peeled oranges and warm vanilla. This candle revealed a stunning purple stone ring surrounded by diamond-like chips with 3 down the side.Ring Value $ 69.00

Sample candles  $7 each

These are a nice way to sample the scents and also good for travel, gifts, camping, or anywhere around the house.

Men scents are becoming popular. My son and husband thought Hunter was nice.

  • Hunter- The uniquely masculine fragrance with notes of amber wood, citrus, sea salt, and bergamot.
  • Ocean Side- The perfect blend of floral underlined by fruits and tropical woods.
  • Peach Cream- A summer favorite. The fresh sweet smell of perfectly ripened peaches topped off with a dollop of cream.
  • Gardenia Path -Take a leisurely stroll through this picturesque gardenia filled garden.
  • Overall I was very pleased with Unrivaled Candles and the jewels I revealed.

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